Web Services

Website design & associated services for organisations, clubs, societies, bands and for personal & family sites


It is important that your web site reflects your corporate image, if you are a business, organisation or society. We will suggest a design for your consideration incorporating your logo, banner or corporate style. Perhaps you already have a business or organisation brochure, which you would like your site to reflect. We can bring your ideas to life.

It would be beneficial to have a banner available to promote your business on a mutual exchange basis with other websites to link to yours and vice versa. This will increase your exposure in search engines. We can work up a design for this and make it available for webmasters or site managers to download so as to automatically link to your site.

Web users tend to get frustrated if a home page takes a long time to load and look elsewhere. This means that you have missed out on a potential customer or member. We will maximise speed of loading and present your image and message clearly, thereby encouraging users to explore your site further.

If you require a personal web site, we can suggest different designs to you or build one around your own design.

First of all, we will take note of your ideas and your marketing philosophy. We will undertake a study of the sites of your competitors or those similar to yours if you are an organisation and let you have our findings, so that you can make an informed decision about the style and content of your own site. You can either supply us with a template with text and ideas for images, or you can leave the site content and images to us to work a design style based on your initial ideas.

Visual quality is vital, as is ease and simplicity of navigation - what you do not want is a customer to get into the depths of your site without knowing how to get back to the home page. Pages must be clear and user-friendly. We will optimise your images so that they download quickly. Your site content will be grammatically correct and spell-checked. We will not include animations or "bells and whistles", unless you have a particular need for them or unless they serve a very useful purpose, as we believe that they detract from the professionalism and message that you are endeavouring to convey to your potential customers or members.

On our first portfolio site (see home page), we have included animations to draw attention to the fact that the band can be booked online and to encourage bookings and to highlight the band’s testimonials. Where you do require a tweak like this, we will optimise it, so as not to adversely affect the speed of page loading.

All images will be optimised for speedy loading and we can incorporate various response facilities into the page designs. We will also include a site counter, which will give you a complex recording facility so you can see where your visitors came from (eg. which search engine directed them to your site) and the monthly percentage visitors from each source. It will also record the number of daily visits.

We will maintain a consistent design flow throughout the site and test your site on all the major browsers and at the two main screen resolutions (800x600 and 1024x768 pixels).