Web Services

Website design & associated services for organisations, clubs, societies, bands and for personal & family sites


A domain name is essential, rather than using your Internet Service Provider's (ISP) web space nomenclature, as it signifies a prestigious web presence for your business, organisation, club, society or band.

Registration of UK domains is for two years initially and the cost is fairly minimal. This will give you a wide selection of suffixes, eg., org, org uk, me,, bis, net, info, etc. However, if you are intending to adopt international exposure, it may be wiser to get the "com" suffix, although this is slightly more costly. You could register directly with the main registration bodies, but many ISPs are offering promotional packages for domain registration and hosting, so it would be worthwhile letting us handle this aspect as we will endeavour to get you the best marketing deal, consistent with the quality of the hosting company's infrastructure, dedicated servers and comprehensive packages offered.

You may already have a domain name, in which case we can arrange for your site to be hosted by your existing ISP. We will ascertain the initial and annual cost for you and, if it appears unreasonable for your budget, we can find equally good hosting companies in the UK at a more modest cost. In this case, we will arrange for your domain name to be transferred to the new host. Should you not yet have a suitable domain name, we will suggest available names for your consideration.

The site hosting facility will also give you a number of email addresses, for example:; or; or

Emails to these distinctive addresses can be routed to whichever existing email addresses you wish.

Should you have web space available from your existing ISP, we can load your web pages to that area and, if you acquire a unique domain name, we can arrange a diversion so your web space becomes utilised for your domain name. You will then only need to pay for the domain name and web diversion cost.